What are the Different Types of Temperature Sensors?

Measuring our body temperature is not new to us, but have you wondered how we check the temperature of other objects? Our household thermometer won’t be enough to measure this, therefore we must use a temperature sensor.

What is a Temperature Sensor?

Types of Temperature Sensors

There are many types of temperature sensors that use different technologies and principles to measure temperature. There are two broad categories of temperature sensors – contact and non-contact type.

Types of Temperature Sensors
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Contact Type Temperature Sensors:

When a temperature sensor comes in physical contact with an object, the temperature conducts and gives out a signal to control the targeted temperature of a process. There are two major categories of contact-type temperature sensors: Mechanical Sensors & Electronic / Electrical Sensors.

Non-Contact Temperature Sensors:

A non-contact temperature sensor is used to determine the temperature of the object without directly contacting a surface by using a technology that does not require any contact. The most common type of non-contact temperature sensors are thermal imaging and infrared sensors. They also include optical pyrometers, radiation thermometers and fiber optic sensors. Non-contact type temperature sensors are primarily used in dangerous or hazardous processes.

Temperature Sensor Range in Accuracy and Responsiveness

The accuracy of a temperature sensor is the highest difference between the actual value and the indicated value at the output of the sensor. Factors that can affect temperature sensor accuracy include linearity, repeatability, and stability. RTDs are the most accurate and stable temperature sensors and are more linear than thermocouples and thermistors. This is one of the primary reasons they are used when accuracy is critical while sensitivity and cost are less important.

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Author: Bidish Mukhopadhyay
Date: 2022 April 15

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