Thermocouples / RTD Sensors

The Ideal Thermal Temperature Sensor

Choose the Right Temperature Sensor for Your Application

Sensors play an essential role in the control of a thermal system. Placement, fit, and sensor type all contribute to thermal management success.  Nexthermal can work with you to find the right industry-standard sensor or develop a sensor specific to your needs.  

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Nexthermal Temperature Sensor Types

Types of Temperature Sensors

  • Mineral Insulated Thermocouple (Type J or K)
  • Bolt Thermocouple (Type J or K)
  • PT100 RTD
  • NI120 RTD
  • Exposed Thermocouple
  • Washer Type Thermocouple
  • Lug TC / RTD
  • Simple Stem TC / RTD
  • More sensor options available

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