Why Nexthermal Coil Heaters are Ideal For The Food Packaging & Beverage Industry?

Coil heaters are resistive electric heaters with current flowing through the coil. The current flow is limited and controlled by the alloy, thus converting the electric energy to thermal energy.

They transfer thermal energy from the heater to the medium that needs to be heated. Coil heaters are named so because they have two spiral Nichrome coils inside the heating element that exits from one single return.

The coil is the heating element and is fixed to the heating unit. Coil heaters are flexible and weldable heaters used to heat the tools from the outside or inserted into the groove of a tool.

Coil heaters were designed for hot runner injection mold nozzles that are mainly used in the plastic industry. They are also known as hot runner nozzle heaters, spring heaters, or cable heaters.

The food and beverage industry meets many of our essential needs every day. As there is a constant increase in demand for food, safety should be a priority. Food and liquid-based products need to be stored and heated at specific temperatures. This ensures the safety and quality of all these products.

The two leading and important types of heaters in the food and beverage industry are the flange heater and the screw plug heater. Flanged heaters are tubular elements that are welded onto a flange or a nozzle. They are used extensively in the food and beverage industry.

Flange heaters are also used in many chemical, petroleum, and water-based applications. They use different alloys which prevent corrosion and durability of the heating element and can be easily installed as compared to other heaters.

The screw plug heaters work similar to the flanged heater and are very useful in small compact spaces. These heaters heat solutions and materials in small containers very easily and are energy efficient. Thermostats or digital control panels are used to attain the desired temperature and accuracy.

Different alloys like copper, steel, incoloy, and titanium can be used to make the sheath material. Incoloy is mainly used in the food and beverage industry. Nexthermal heaters can be custom-designed and are easy to maintain.

Nexthermal Coil Heaters

Nexthermal coil heaters are accurate, durable, and flexible. They are one of the top choices that are ideal for the food packaging industry. Our coil heaters give three-dimensional heating and help in reducing electric consumption. 

Coil Heaters are used in FFS packaging jaws to reduce thermal mass. Coil heaters are used in Top Seal food packaging to direct heat where it is needed and remove heat to mechanical parts that are not needed.  

They can be molded and inserted into various shapes and sizes that give concentrated heat specific to the application. We also provide high flexible leads for applications that need to withstand movements, vibrations, and shock.

Nexthermal designs and manufactures customized jaw heaters for Form Fill Seal (FFS) food packaging.

Nexthermal Coil Heaters come with sealed heads and PTFE leads that make them perfect for wash-down food packaging equipment. 

Humidity levels within the food and beverage industry are not constant and even the slightest fluctuation impacts the quality and consistency of the product. Nexthermal coil heaters are highly moisture resistant making them a perfect choice for the food and beverage industry.

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