Why is Thermal Engineering Important?

Thermal Engineering is a sub-specialty of Mechanical Engineering that solves problems involving heat energy and the transference of this energy between different mediums and into other types of energy. Thermal Engineering involves the design of processes and systems that convert energy generated from different thermal sources into mechanical, chemical, or electrical energy based on the application at hand. At Nexthermal, our thermal engineering professionals have the knowledge, experience, and resources to serve your custom heating system requirements.

Thermal Engineering and Heat Transfer Design

Processing facilities are plants in which a raw resource of some type is converted into a form that is usable. These facilities include plastic manufacturing plants, oil refineries, and power plants, among others. There are numerous systems and components that comprise these facilities in which heat transfer is the governing factor. The level of heat generated and transferred must be controlled to prevent processes and components from being disrupted or malfunctioning. Other systems and processes utilize heat for an advantage. Therefore, thermal engineers help ensure the sufficient generation of heat and that it is used properly.

Thermal Engineering Industries and Applications

Thermal engineering also involves understanding the economics involved in the processes and components surrounding heat generation, transfer, and control. Professional thermal engineers must make sure the solutions they provide not only solve the system, process, and component issues involved, but are also cost-effective. Some of the applications in which thermal engineering is applied include:

  • Electronics and electrical systems and components
  • HVAC systems in commercial, residential, and industrial structurers – small to large scale
  • Pump, heat exchanger, and boiler design
  • Aerospace components and systems
  • Defense and military equipment
  • Renewable energy systems

A number of industries commonly employ the services of thermal engineering professionals. These include commercial construction, automotive manufacturers, and power companies. Thermal engineers will perform much of their work in the office, but also will travel to job sites to evaluate equipment, systems, and components in the field, and offer design solutions.

To learn about the thermal engineering capabilities, we offer at Nexthermal, give us a call today at 269.964.0271 or send us a message by email at sales@nexthermal.com.

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