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Mon. Sep. 11 - Wed. Sep. 13, 2023
Las Vegas Convention Center
Central Hall, Booth #5519

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Nexthermal will be presenting this year at Pack Expo Las Vegas '23
Topic: Targeting Heat in Packaging Systems for Higher Performance

Presented by Jeff Wheeler
Vice President of Operations

PACK EXPO 23 Innovation Stage 3 (C-2058)
September 12, 2023 @ 12:00-12:30 PM

The changing world of energy production and cost are affecting the economies of the factory floor.  Sustainability initiatives are leading innovations in the packaging market from processing temperature-critical recyclable films to lightweighting components for reduced drive motor sizing. Electric heaters used to form or seal films in a packaging machine are frequently the second highest power consumed; traditional methods of using heat are well positioned for re-imagining.

The session will start with a review of the current methodology of seal bar heat power and will transition to opportunities to manage and reduce the power through design choices.

A case study will be presented reviewing a new heater design that allowed a 25% reduction in energy consumption and better process control — without any customer design changes. Additional topics will cover improved machine uptime with heaters and sensors used in harsh conditions such as hygenic packaging or high movement applications

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