Why All Coil Heaters Are Not the Same

Generally, many customers tend to buy coil heaters based on its exterior looks, however, all coil heaters are not manufactured the same way. It may look similar and may even have the same wattage, voltage, and lead wire.

Competitor’s Heater:

  • May look similar
  • May have the same wattage, voltage
  • May use the same lead wire

Nexthermal’s Heater:

  • Longer Life
  • Higher Throughput
  • Reduced Scrap
  • Uniform Heating
Competitor Coil Heater

Competitor’s Heater

coil heater

Nexthermal’s Heater

How does Nexthermal accomplish this?

Our manufacturing process focuses on using higher quality materials, precise workmanship, and our engineer’s understanding of how to develop the heater to provide an even heating profile.

Coil Heater Details

Competitor’s Heater

Competitor X-Ray

Nexthermal’s Heater

Nexthermal X-Ray

Notice: The resistance wire is not evenly set within the competitor’s heater.  This will affect the uniformity and, ultimately, the performance of the heater.

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