What Smart Heat Products and Services Do Nexthermal Offer?

Smart heating solutions are intelligent thermostatic devices fitted to the heating systems. Nexthermal is a trusted and a leading supplier and manufacturer of smart heating systems. Nexthermal offers a variety of products ranging from cartridge heaters to controllers and coil heaters.

These are the products that Nexthermal offers:

Cartridge Heaters / Rod Heaters / Insertion Heaters

Cartridge Heaters
We can customize the heater with different options for heater diameter and length, coating, lead wire type and length, angled exits, and more.

Coil Heaters / Nozzle Heaters

Coil Heaters

Nextflex Flexible Tubular Heaters

Nextflex Flexible Tubular Heaters

Elstein Ceramic Infrared

nexthermal elstein

Nexthermal is a large supplier of Elstein ceramic infrared heaters in North America. They have a wide range of panel heaters which are highly efficient and cost-effective.

Thermocouples / Sensors

A sensor is a device that monitors and responds to environmental input. Nexthermal is a well-known sensor producer and provider in North America. Nexthermal can help you identify the suitable industry-standard sensor or build a sensor tailored to your individual requirements.

Temperature Controllers

Nexthermal has always been a pioneer in the development of energy-efficient heaters and heating elements. Through years of experience, Nexthermal has designed and developed many key aspects for controller requirements. You can now order a full heating system directly from Nexthermal.

Engineering Services

Process heating is needed for many efficient packing processes. The basic goal of packing is to protect the product from damage and other environmental factors. Nexthermal provides form-fill-seal and top seal solutions without replacing the existing equipment. The Nexthermal engineering services address problems related to the packing process and find solutions to remain competitive and effective. They scrutinize and recognize the problems and with their skills turn them into a successful application.

Nexthermal’s vision is to obtain global leadership by delivering smart heat management solutions that enhance customers’ advantage in the market. Nexthermal is dedicated to a service-oriented culture. They assist customers in:

  •  Design and development of new systems 
  •  Improve process efficiency
  •  Reduce energy consumption
  •  Enhance performance and quality

Nexthermal also has capabilities to provide heater-based assemblies to enhance manufacturing output. Our original equipment manufacturing processes are designed to optimize the performance of all systems. We look forward to the challenge of providing efficient solutions for our creative customers who wish to push the boundaries of performance and leverage the latest technology.

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