What is the Importance of Heating Elements?

Heating elements are effective little devices that translate electrical energy into heat. They are common in many types of products and equipment and are utilized in multiple industries. For instance, heating elements are used in water heaters, kettles, electric stoves, coffee makers, and toasters, among many others. At Nexthermal, we are your trusted electric heating elements manufacturer able to provide exceptional quality and durable heating elements designed for numerous industry applications.

Types of Heating Elements

The material used by an electric heating elements manufacturer to make heating elements largely determines their classification. These materials give heating elements their characteristics. The various types of heating elements on the market include:

  • Polymer PTC
  • Semiconductor and Ceramic
  • Metal
  • Composite
  • Thick Film
  • Combination Systems

Benefits of Heating Elements

Heating elements are crucial components of industrial heaters and provide various benefits depending on the specific application. The various advantages of heating elements include the ability to produce and withstand high temperature heating and their convenient application to various types of electrical heating equipment. Heating elements provide protection against damage to sensitive equipment, make it easier to work or rest in cold temperatures, and protect against certain health risks.

Choosing the Right Heating Element

The best way to choose a healing element for a particular application is to find out the watt density required, the heat transfer and warm up required, the size of the required heater, and the working environment. Applications in which thin flexible heaters require expedited heating and solid heat transfer performance capabilities are often best served by an etched foil element either. On the other hand a wire wound heater can handle applications in which a strong, large heater having a small bend radius requires multiple watt densities throughout.

As an electric heating elements manufacturer with extensive knowledge and over a century and a half of experience providing thermal solutions, our in-house design team can work with your engineering team to develop the ideal solutions for your applications.

For information about the heating elements we offer at Nexthermal for various applications, give us a call today at 269.964.0271 or send an email to sales@nexthermal.com.

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